See Your Electrical Power Grid Clearly

OTELLO takes the guesswork out of managing electrical power systems. Gives comprehensive data to grid management, engineering, financial departments and Energy Market traders.
OTELLO is the open standard for grid-wide, large scale, comprehensive Power Grid data.


OTELLO is powered by a Class-A multi-function metering device for Electrical Power Grids.

Installed at each node across the power grid, the VectoIII® delivers energy data visibility beyond compare. Flexible design allows monitoring of low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV), extra high voltage (EHV) and DC.

OTELLO Vecto III Class A Multifunction Power, Power Quality & Synchrophasor Analyser

Centralized & visualized

OTELLO works in harmony with your existing metering and control devices. Open standards based interoperability brings their data online, making it accessible in an open standards based, central data-store.

An in-depth, moment by moment account of the performance of your power grid.

OTELLO brings clarity & insight by bringing the dark data in your power grid system into the light.

  1. OTELLO lets you see & manage your power grid system at a price significantly lower than competitive solutions.
  2. OTELLO multi-function metering devices are installed at each node along the grid network. Low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV), extra high voltage (EHV) and DC. Each device working together as a harmonized, in-sync fleet, GPS synchronized to ~100ns from absolute time. Providing high resolution, multi-level voltage data-set comparability.
  3. OTELLO is capable of providing unprecedented insight and control over numerous power quality, network stability and general performance parameters within your electrical power grid system.
  4. OTELLO gives planners, operators, finance and energy market traders, the real-time and historical, open standards based data they need, to make informed decisions. No longer will you have to wait months or even years for an impact evaluation or for performance tracking. With near real-time, grid-wide data on-hand, you can model the data sets required to achieve your goals.



OTELLO’s ability to recognize critical power grid events and react in real time lets you limit damage and liability.

The cost-effective Smart Grid solution.

Simple & Open

Data is classified automatically, according International norms and standards, as it is recorded. It is then made accessible to individual users via a user-friendly web interface in graphical, tabled, dashboard and report formats.

No more lock-in. OTELLOs’ open standards interoperability allows integrations with other measurement devices that support SCADA integration via open protocols like Modbus, DNP3 and IEC61850.


OTELLO can be scaled from a single device in a factory to tens of thousands of devices installed across the electric grid.

Based on an open source, licence-free, highly available and performant big data technology, OTELLO offers total scalability at a price point that can’t be matched.


The full spectrum of power quality, synchrophasor, metering, management & diagnostic tools come standard.

OTELLO’s unique edge-computing capabilities, streams all power quality, synchrophasor and environmental parameters to an open standards central data-store in near real-time.

Additional environmental & SCADA data can be integrated into this stream, delivering full visibility of your assets, anywhere on the grid.

The easy way to integrate renewables

The challenges of integrating variable energy sources and, distributed renewable energy sources (such as rooftop solar) into a traditional electrical power grid, are considerable.
OTELLO allows you to develop a sustainable, low emissions grid by delivering the visibility and levels of control necessary to manage dynamic flows in supply and demand of electricity.

A single, simple-to-use interface across all devices.

OTELLO OspreyPRO® processes and classifies energy data streams from your power grid, in near real-time, into a high-availability, secure data-store.

Power Quality and SCADA data is made available via a mobile-friendly web interface, allowing for event management, incident investigations and analysis of your grid data via a standard browser.

OTELLO is open standards based, no custom software and driver installs required.

A first line of defence in the fight against wildfires

OTELLO can be configured to detect and predict the conditions that cause wildfires. Protection mechanisms can be triggered when risk factors cross predetermined thresholds, giving first responders the early notification they need to make a difference.

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