CT Lab believes in the power of pushing boundaries

Established in South Africa in 1994, CT Lab, the makers of OTELLO, was forged in one of the toughest power markets on the planet — South Africa.
We are on a mission to simplify energy monitoring and management for you, the grid owner & manager. We believe we’re onto something special. No solution on the market today does what OTELLO can. Don’t believe us?
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Fresh thinking is part of the culture

Africa is a continent known for its ingenuity. To solve South Africa’s electricity challenges, CT Lab envisioned a new approach to power monitoring and management, transforming power quality and grid resilience.
With the rise of broadband sampling, GPS time synchronicity, broadband connectivity, IoT and low voltage, broadband Current Transformers & Voltage Transformers, we saw the potential for a shift from traditional thinking.

What if the solution was a grid-wide fleet of synchronized devices with comprehensive monitoring & remote management capabilities that could manage all grid data in real-time?
What could happen when synchronised, networked, general purpose computing power was brought to the edge of the grid network?
Imagine a fleet of monitoring & management devices, deployed throughout your electricity-grid. Each device streaming energy data to a central data-store, providing near real-time event classification and grouping.
Imagine a monitoring device, analysing full sample rate electrical waveforms, in memory, in real-time, against A.I. learned event patterns. Configured to trigger alerting, response and protection mechanisms as the events happen.
Imagine a fleet of thousands of these interconnected devices, collaborating with each other as events happen, triggering grid management and protection protocols, in real time.

The journey has been tough, but with OTELLO, we’ve delivered just that.

Concurrent Technologies is registered

CT-LAB_ On-line-Leakage-Current-Analyser-OLCA

Online Leakage Current Analyser (OLCA) + Power Quality Analyser Instrument sales reach 1400 units

CT LAB - Power Quality Remote Management Software

ImpedoGraph + Power Quality Recorder Manager Suite (PQRM) Released with Ethernet & TCP/IP connectivity


VectoGraph + ProvoGraph. Fixed Power Quality Monitoring + Voltage Dip & Profile recorder


PQ Portal Online Power Quality Management + Vecto II Brings Online Edge-Computing to Electrical Monitoring


Vecto II is released, bringing built-in Mobile Data connectivity and GPS time stamped syncrophaser technology to the Vecto range of Power Quality Monitoring devices


ImpedoDuo is released

CT LAB - Power Quality Remote Management Software

Osprey Pro Online Power Quality, high volume, scalable data-store is released


Vecto III is released


Osprey Pro + Vecto III are consolidated under the OTELLO Platform brand

Willie van Wyk, CEO CT Lab

Willie van Wyk


Dr. Jacobus van Zyl, CTO CT Lab

Dr. Jacobus van Zyl

Chief Technology Officer, CT Lab

Winston Davids, , Chief Product & Supply Officer, CT Lab

Winston Davids

VP Product & Supply Officer, CT Lab



Park Tower, Nieuwe Stationsstraat 20, Arnhem 6811 KS, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 611 456 397


37 Bopserwaldstraße, 70839 Gerlingen, Germany

Tel: +49 7156 162 9200

South Africa

15 Termo Lane, Techno Park, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, 7600,

Tel: +27 (21) 880 9915



Eskom (South Africa) | Nampower | Namibian Energy Regulator | NORED | Erongo Red (All Namibia)

Swaziland Electricity Control Board (Swaziland) | Zimbabwe Electricity | Omlilyne (Zambia)

Copperbelt Energy (Zambia)


Buffalo City Council

Stellenbosch Council

Steve Tshwete Council

Witzenberg Council

Overstrand Council

Drakenstein Council

Baviaans Council

Ethekwini Council

Saldanha Council

Couga Council

We’re Hiring!

CT Lab is going global and we’re bringing on teams the world over. If you’ve got something special to offer and want to play a part in changing the world of electricity, apply today.
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