OTELLO is a combination of interconnected Power Quality devices and a central SaaS data-store app, working as one.

The OTELLO Platform is comprised of three primary components

An Energy and Power Quality data acquisition platform with a browser based power-grid visualization app.

IP-based communications infrastructure connecting a network of multi-function meters to each other and to a central energy-data data-store.

A comprehensive multi-function, IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A Edition 3 (2015) Power Quality recorder with GPS-locked time synchronization.


Each metering device across the network communicates in perfect sync

OTELLO operates as a fleet of GPS synchronised devices, each powered by a Linux-based edge computer. Installed at each node across the grid, OTELLO delivers a bold new way of seeing electrical power grid performance in near real-time.

OTELLO offers outstanding benefits over competitive solutions:


OTELLO was designed to meet Africa’s power challenges, so cost was a major factor in design.

The data-store is based on open-source, licence free, highly scalable technology used extensively by Apple & Google.


The low cost metering device can be installed in key locations or in densities aimed at gaining a grid-wide view of your power grid.

The platform is designed to scale to hundreds of thousands of interconnected metering devices.


OTELLO combines monitoring and control functionality + brings legacy devices online, ensuring vendor counts remain low on your electrical power grid.


OTELLO monitors a wide range of electrical & environmental parameters live and in real-time.

Bridging the gap

The development of low voltage, broadband current and voltage transformers makes installation of OTELLO possible in tight spaces, without the need for new cabinets.
These compact units fit into most existing mini-substations and transformers. Once installed, OTELLO brings the sub-station online and visible from any browser.

The open source advantage

OTELLO is based on an open source, licence free data-store platform. This means that there’s no software licensing fees, regardless of how your scale your platform. The open source nature allows you full access to solve specific problems, all without vendor lock-in.

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