Analytics that make sense of your electrical network

OTELLO’s unique data management capabilities delivers a long term, perpetual view of network performance that allows for longitudinal or moment-by-moment analysis, either across the entire network or at an individual point on it.

Compliance monitoring & reports

OTELLO simplifies your compliance headaches by providing the grid-wide information you need from a single online source.

Get a clear picture of grid harmonics

By integrating the monitoring of harmonics with all other metrics, OTELLO provides the full picture of your network harmonics.

Achieve typical pattern values

OTELLO gives you clear insight into user electricity consumption patterns for use in smart grid applications and load balancing.

Edge-Network Data Processing

Forget learning about a damaging electrical event hours after the fact. OTELLO informs you the moment problems arise.

Full range of devices and platforms

OTELLO OspreyPRO® is browser based, and therefore available on all computers and smart-phones, so you can access the data you need wherever you are.

All departments on a single data source

With a range of third party devices, departments and disciplines become siloed. OTELLO brings it all together.


Manage the grid from wherever you are.

The global COVID-19 pandemic can’t be allowed to get in the way of managing your electrical grid. OTELLO’s enterprise-wide visibility lets you analyse and act from wherever there’s an internet connection.

The two sides of the OTELLO system


OTELLO Vecto III Class A Multifunction Power, Power Quality & Synchrophasor Analyser


OTELLO VectoIII® is a Class-A multifunction device that samples broadband electrical data, time-stamps it to within 100ns of absolute time and then streams into a data-store in near real-time,

OTELLO OspreyPRO® analyzes, classifies and rates these data streams, generating automated and grouped events & reports.


Get notified the moment something goes wrong

OTELLO is always connected and constantly monitoring the status of your electrical network. Create user sets to ensure the right people get notified when problems emerge, preventing costly knock-on events.


A mobile friendly web viewer that puts real power in your hands – wherever you are.

No more installing custom software and drivers on laptops just so your can analyse your data. OTELLO OspreyPRO® allows you to securely view your energy grid data using a web browser.

Our optimized web application allows smooth zooming in or out of your waveform time-lines, regardless of how much data you are analyzing.

Otello data visualization platform for electrical grids

Grid Resilience

OTELLO’s unique edge-computing capability, allows you to deploy in-memory, raw data stream analysis, classification and threshold comparisons.

Trigger real-time alarming, response and protection mechanisms.

We call these Sentinels®.

Automated Compliance Reports

OTELLO OspreyPro® gives you the tools to automate your grid power quality compliance reports.

Never stress about reporting regulatory compliance again. OTELLO’s real-time grid compliance alarming mechanism helps you deal with grid non-compliance issues as they occur.

Network Snapshot®

Network Snapshot® lets you remotely deploy scheduled, predefined parameter and threshold analysis campaigns, at full sampling resolution, to a group of measuring points across your grid.

Give your Machine Learning initiatives the rich data-sets required for identifying complex grid events in real-time, using Sentinels®.

Event Annotation

Enrich your event data with comments and custom fields.

A topic threading mechanism allows multiple users to take part in a discussion around any event.

Attach files, such as external reports and photos to an event to build a detailed event history.

Study Trends

Stack a wide range of parameter graphs, for selected devices, then analyse the trends using synchronised time-series animation.

Explore prevailing phase angles, harmonic phase information and higher harmonics (IEC standard).

Discover your networks typical electrical characteristic pattern values. Profile your customer usages patterns.

Share Data Securely

Securely provision, time restricted, remote, Subject Matter Expert access to selected resources for event or trend investigations.

Bring experts onboard without having to pay travel and subsistence just to have them access your data securely.

Use metering data to forecast and plan energy tariffs

OTELLO provides the accuracy in metering data that you need to accurately plan rates going forward.

Reconcile consumption and revenue across the network

Validate accuracy of existing metering infrastructure

Detailed, comprehensive forensic records, time-stamped to 100ns from absolute time.

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