A more stable, more resilient, more efficient power grid

OTELLO is the ultimate Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), delivering a flexible range of controls that puts you in control from wherever you are.


OTELLO brings the electrical power grid online wherever a device is installed, opening the door to full automation of your power grid.


OTELLO’s connectivity and GPS synchronicity mean you can control individual devices, districts or the entire enterprise.


Implement parameters to balance load and enhance power performance across the network.

Manage the power grid when you have to work from home.

OTELLO’s real time insights into power performance and flexible functionality provides you with unprecedented levels of control, even from afar.

Cut costs

OTELLO delivers the detail that lets you get the most out of ageing infrastructure and plan your investments strategically.

Reduce load

Predict, prepare for and manage peak demand, ensuring power quality is maintained at all times.

Record events

OTELLO monitors the power grid in real time, highlighting minor issues before they turn into major events.

Limit the damage when disaster strikes

OTELLO is capable of identifying and responding the moment a powerline goes down, a fire breaks out or a major anomaly is detected, sparing lives and loss of property.

A single, simple-to-use interface across all devices.

OTELLO OspreyPRO® supports all major protocols and seamlessly integrates all monitoring data from other devices onto a single, secure platform.

Take the guesswork out of metering

OTELLO allows you to implement local codes at each metering point, providing the accurate usage data that lets you make informed decisions and cross-check your existing billing data.
Compare billing code scenarios to determine the optimal billing tariff allocation.

OTELLO integrates with all your existing controls.

Add new automation, control and optimization functionality to your current infrastructure.

Reduce maintenance load

With the power and flexibility of a Linux-based edge computer at every installation, OTELLO allows you to update and maintain the network from a central location.

Reduce operational complexity

OTELLO supports power grid automation protocols and provides powerful RTU capabilities. This flexibility allows you to integrate your existing control and management assets.

Reduce operational costs

OTELLO delivers significant operational savings by bringing the power grid online and visible, with functionality that benefits every discipline.

Monitor your power grids’ transmission capacity

Upgrade your SCADA systems instantly.

OTELLO lets you bring power quality, management, control and enviromental data from your existing SCADA systems. Fetch and utilize trended data, event data and alarms from the central data store.

Record broadband resolution pre- and post-event data on IO status changes across a group of metering devices simultaneously

OTELLO lets you control and read embedded digital IO through your various SCADA interfaces, as well as record network events in high resolution with our proprietary XrossTrigger® technology.

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OTELLO Vecto III Class A Multifunction Power, Power Quality & Synchrophasor Analyser
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