A single, energy data-store, available across users and departments

Bring your existing metering & monitoring devices online. Consolidate all your electrical, supervisory control and environmental data onto an open-standards data-store, visible on a single, secure, highly accessible and resilient platform.

Online all the time

OTELLO OspreyPRO® consolidates your network performance into a secure, resilient & highly available data-store. See what’s happening on your grid, remotely from any smart device, in near real-time.

Simultaneous Events

OTELLO OspreyPRO® consolidates data recorded at the same time from multiple devices into a single network incident. Incident reports detailing the root cause, origin, responsible party, assets affected and impact can be added as metadata.

System-wide insight

Data recorded across OTELLO’s comprehensive range of parameters are consolidated into one central data store. The consolidated data is visualized on OspreyPRO’s live dashboard. Users can generate custom reports, delivering a wide-range of network performance insights.

Time Synchronized

OTELLO utilizes proprietary waveform analytics that aligns the waveform data recorded at each measurement point regardless of the parameter being measured. This enables automatic network-wide views of, for example, technical losses, combined electricity bills or any other parameters a user wants to compare.

Alarm Support

Alarms generated from OTELLO system events, fault and level exceedances or PQ data events are pushed through a central alarming engine directly to individual users via email or mobile push notifications.

Centralized control

OTELLO is capable of the centralized supervisory control & operation of a fleet consisting of tens of thousands of permanently connected VectoIII® devices.

OspreyPRO’s centralized fleet management tools are capable of connecting all user devices, keeping team members informed via regular propagation of measurement campaigns. Each VectoIII® device also records telemetry data about battery health, connection quality, temperatures and much more.


Bring your legacy devices online

OTELLO Vecto III® is a multi-function, Power Quality analyzer, digital fault recorder and metering device. It is capable of bringing other network monitoring, supervisory control data and functions online and visible on the OTELLO OspreyPro® platform.

With OTELLO Vecto III®, dedicated Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) are no longer needed to record & visualize synchrophasors, this capability comes standard.

The OTELLO Vecto III® also provides RTU capabilities, integrating SCADA systems, serial converters, digital control systems and intelligent electronic devices (IED) using industry standard protocols. This means that your existing industrial energy management systems metering, control and monitoring infrastructure is brought online and visible, giving you an unprecedented level of data and event visibility.


Grid-Wide Predictive Maintenance. Now a Reality.

OTELLO unlocks the capability of creating digital twins of your assets in the power grid.

Accessible, real-time sensor data is required to build meaningful Digital Twins for predictive maintenance of expensive grid assets, such as large transformers.

Plan for the future confidently, even with ageing infrastructure, through accurate simulations and scenario planning, unlocking new possibilities in grid research and management.

Bring your departmental divisions together into one open-source, secure, scalable and highly-resilient data-store

Multifunction, open standards compliant, top-end metering in a single IP connected device.

Full support for control and data acquisition via integration of SCADA system protocols (incl. D485 MODBUS, MODBUS, DNP3 & IEC 61850).

Big data, open source, highly available data-store and visualization platform.

On-board Digital IO, with expansion capabilities to an extra 12 digital & analog (serial RS232/RS422/RS485 inputs), allowing connectivity to Profibus + DeviceNet converter devices.

Simplify everything.

Over 40 years ago, the Modicon Corporation birthed Modbus and the energy grid world has never been the same.

For the first few decades, suppliers battled with competing physical layer standards and wiring schemes like RS232, RS422, RS485, Token Ring, ARCNET and others. For most of those decades, it was never certain which standard might ultimately win, so some grid companies adopted ARCNET, some preferred Token Ring (IBM’s favorite), and others stayed with good ol’ Modbus.

Everyone fought the battle of integrating different physical layer standards into their power grid control system and measurement equipment; melding RS485 Modbus over there, with a little ARCNET over here, and some Token Ring and other now-obscure standard.

It was costly and laborious. Specifically, it created the ‘Dark Net’ within energy grids — valuable data, hidden beneath these myriad of control and metering devices.

The New Power Grid Puzzle: Standardized Software Interfaces.

Now that industrial ethernet has largely been adopted, that hardware battle is over. Software interfaces are the new battleground where grid operators are bleeding time and money.

Operation Managers face a complex jigsaw puzzle of software standards and programmable logic used by different vendor devices and applications, that are largely incompatible and difficult to cohesively assemble.

Some software systems provide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), some custom and some not. Many application developers use Web Services, especially HTTP with a RESTful interface. Some devices provide I/O Network interfaces (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET IO, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP). And, of course, there are those vendors out there who will only give up their obsolete drivers when it’s pulled from their cold, dead hands.

This mish-mash of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) means that even though everything is largely on ethernet, nothing meshes together easily. What often happens is that people who need the data create secondary, parallel applications and systems – often undocumented and unsupported – to work around what’s in place.

More time lost, more information lost, more ‘dark’ data, costs rising – it’s a nightmare.

With OTELLO, flexibility comes standard. Exposing and integrating your underlying supervisory and control data is now possible.


Liberate your power grid from the constraints of the past. Lay the foundation for a flexible, resilient Smart Grid. Start your journey today.

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