Bring the full spectrum of electrical Power Quality, IED control device data and environmental parameters online and always visible.

ED3.0 Class-A Compliant

The OTELLO VectoIII® power quality analyzer’s voltage, current & current transducer inputs are fully compliant to the latest IEC61000-4-30 ED3.0 Class-A single and 3 phase power quality monitoring requirements and are certified by NMI in the Netherlands using the latest IEC62586-2 test protocol.

High Accuracy

The OTELLO power quality meter digitises voltage and current signals at a sampling rate of 500kHz. Digitized waveform data streams are processed on-board, into more than 9,000 individual electrical parameters. Diagnostic, continuous waveform recordings, are compressed into high accuracy 50kHz (1,000 samples per cycle) sampled data streams with each sample time-stamped to within 100ns from absolute time.

Pinpoint Problems

Take the guesswork out of network troubleshooting. OTELLO Osprey PRO®’s time synchronized data combined with powerful event browsing, data visualisation & reporting tools quickly and effectively enables operators to pinpoint grid problems and their underlying root causes.

Build true resilience

While digitizing the grid, OTELLO analyzes the 500kHz sampled data streams in-memory and in real time. Build grid-wide, near-real-time event response and protection mechanisms with A.I. (Machine Learning) pattern matching and threshold monitoring.

Your data is safe

Developed with data security as a first priority, OTELLO employs encrypted IP communication, role based security, RADIUS server authentication and many other NERC CIP compliant cyber security features.

Accessible & in-context

All recorded data is made accessible throughout the organisation in near real-time via a highly interactive web interface in near real-time and in context. Gone are the days where raw data had to be processed before being distributed and where only a select few people had access to data.

Eyes across the grid

Digitizing a full range of power quality and GPS Synchrophasor data, IED and environmental data, OTELLO delivers unprecedented scope and detail of grid wide energy performance.

How digitizing your grid makes it instantly smarter…

IBM estimates that roughly 90 percent of data generated by digital fault recorders, phasor measurement unit sensors and analog-to-digital conversions never get used – thus gets lost in the dark data that enterprises record.

Comprehensive data

OTELLO measures all the major electrical power, power quality & phasor measurement unit synchrophasor parameters. Making it accessible in near real-time, to registered users throughout the organization, via an interactive web interface.

High sampling rate

Interpret readings accurately with OTELLO’s high-resolution 500 kHz raw data sampling rate. Continuous waveform recording data sampling rate storage can be set from 1 kHz up to 50 kHz.

The power of 100ns

Each OTELLO power quality monitoring device time-stamps all power, power quality and phasor measurement unit synchrophasor data to within 100ns from absolute time, delivering accurate, grid-wide, synchronized data streams.


XrossTrigger® technology allows you to trigger, a defined group of OTELLO power quality meter and phasor measurement unit devices across the grid, to simultaneously record a grid wide event in high-res detail

Metering: online and easy to manage

OTELLO VectoIII® is a high quality metering device that adds a wide range of functionality to your metering toolbox. By bringing your existing metering infrastructure online and visible from anywhere, you can compare existing metering with the data that OTELLO VectoIII® collects independently.

Simplify your metering


OTELLO Osprey Pro allows users to define various types of tariffs including time of use tariffs with wheeling charges etc. Various tariff reports can be generated on a specific measurement point using different tariffs to analyse the difference of various tariffs on an electrical bill.


OTELLO OspreyPRO® can generate a combined bill from data recorded at two or more measurement points.


OTELLO can calculate system technical losses through the summation of energy data at various levels within the network and then compare it with the summated energy supplied to the electrical network.


OTELLO’s clock synchronized energy data is synchronised after every 10-min timeslot. Accurate short-term & long-term combined consumption projections can therefore be derived automatically without any human intervention.


OTELLO’s PF correction reports pinpoints locations where PF correction might be required. It also provides all necessary data required to properly size the capacitor banks needed as well as the performance required for the associated filter elements.


Various integration possibilities exist making OTELLO part of a demand management programme. Integration can be on device level via SCADA protocols or integration can be on a system level via OTELLO OspreyPRO®.

OTELLO Monitoring your Electrical energy grid.

Bringing dark data into the light

Dark data is data which is acquired through various grid Intelligent Electronic Devices, power quality analyzers, phasor measurement units and sensors, but not used in any manner to derive insights or for decision making. IBM estimate that roughly 90 percent of data generated by sensors and analog-to-digital conversions never get used. One reason is the lack of GPS synchronization. Without synchronicity between devices, data is difficult to analyse and limited in its insight and application.

A lot of dark data is unstructured, which means that the information is in formats that may be difficult to categorize, be read by the computer and analyzed. Often the level of resources and technical requirements needed to analyze the available data is prohibitive. With OTELLO, you get high resolution, GPS synchronized data that is delivered in clear, opinionated formats designed for practical use.

OTELLO’s edge-computing platform allows for local classification of energy data before being uploaded to the central data-store. This distributed processing capability overcomes the cost of centrally classifying energy data into meaningful data-sets.


All your energy data in one place

Break down silos and build a comprehensive view of your electricity network. From metering to monitoring, analysis and maintenance, billing and finance to energy market trading, every division can now access all the real-time and historical information they need, from a single source, delivered securely to the smart device of their choice.

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