Make informed decisions

OTELLO provides City Planners with the power to plan, report and respond with the full spectrum of information on hand.

Enterprise-wise or device specific

OTELLO lets you focus in on the detail or expand your view as wide as the network that is covered.

Extend asset life

OTELLO predicts and prevents surges, brown outs and other events that impact infrastructure lifespan.

Reduce emissions without performance loss

Balancing load with demand and controlling performance of the power on the grid results in greater network efficiency.

Research & Investigate effectively

Short term or long, OTELLO brings insightful trends to the fore and pinpoints the causes behind the problems that arise.

Manage the grid from a central locale

OTELLO automatically pinpoints faults and the indicators of faults both on the wiring diagram and a Geographic Information System (GIS), allowing managers to dispatch repair crews quickly and accurately to the proper location.

The path to improved power quality

If delivering a consistent, high level of power quality to your city is something that keeps you up nights, speak to one of our agents about how OTELLO can make managing power in your city that much simpler.

An essential component in disaster response

Climate change is changing weather patterns, contributing to floods, rising sea levels, fire, blizzards, hurricanes and heat waves. To meet these new challenges, a flexible, visible and intelligent grid is critical.
OTELLO brings your grid online, with thousands of fleet devices working in synchronicity to give you a snapshot of network availability. OTELLO remains on even when the grid goes down so you can keep working effectively to respond to the crisis.

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