Insights for Engineers

Work out grid issues quickly and cost effectively.

Build resilience

A more resilient grid starts with the right information. Grid stability is achieved when you can manage the grid proactively and intelligently. OTELLO lets you predict and preempt problems.

End the process of elimination

Fault finding on a grid can feel more like detective work than engineering. OTELLO removes the guesswork, highlighting why events occurred and where the faults are coming from.

The quality performance data you need

OTELLO lets you effectively manage grid compliance by providing the power quality and performance metrics you need to plan, project and purchase for the grid.

Measure the impact of your interventions

When you don’t have complete information, rationalizing the investments you make can be difficult. OTELLO lets you accurately measure the impact and assess returns.

Meets all major compliance requirements

OTELLO is BSI certified ISO9001 compliant and the solution meets and exceeds all major compliance requirements including:

Add new dimensions to your SCADA set-up

Bring your existing metering devices online and add a host of useful functionality.

Total interoperability

OTELLO brings all devices online and characterizes the data onto a single, intuitive platform.


OTELLO uses industry-leading, permanent 128-bit encryption, to ensure the security of your data.

Meet mandates

Keep authorities and end users happy by meeting the regulated power quality requirements consistently.

Resilience & reliability

Improve the performance of your grid and enjoy greater customer satisfaction and increased returns.

Easy integration of renewables

OTELLO lets you rise to the challenges of integrating green energy and other technology into the power system without compromising on safety, efficiency or cost-effectiveness

The information you need, always on hand

OTELLO puts the power of accurate information into the palm of your hand. Keep up to date with OTELLO’s engineering advancements, innovations and case studies. Subscribe to our Engineering Updates Newsletter.

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