Electrical energy management, a key advantage for Industry

OTELLO lets you monitor, manage, analyze and troubleshoot your power consumption and quality like never before.

Bill validation & checking

Reconcile costs with consumption with OTELLO’s detailed internal metering capabilities

Reduce power consumption

OTELLO provides a full picture of consumption patterns, letting you identify and mitigate waste.

Find the source of power problems

Solve the complex power issues within your plant by pinpointing the source of problems rather than the symptoms.

Meet compliance requirements

Meet the most stringent government regulations through OTELLO’s leading monitoring and management tools.

Accurately assess environment impact

Analyse and shape power consumption to meet emissions targets and report with confidence.

Detailed record for insurance claims

Protect against litigation and loss due to insurance claims through a detailed record of power usage & performance.

Power up your planning

How often do questions of power consumption cloud your decision making? OTELLO provides a simple, cost effective way of turning electricity into a competitive advantage by bringing the dark data you need into the light.

Putting production back into full swing

Power performance at BMW’s assembly plant in Gauteng, South Africa was damaging high-end machinery, sending welding robots awry and severely impacting productivity, but the utility supplying the power refused to acknowledge culpability. BMW used OTELLO and solved the problem.

Protect the plant against damaging power events

Major power surges or brown-outs can reduce asset life and has significant cost implications. OTELLO predicts major events by identifying anomalies in real time and notifying the right people when they do.

The easy way to integrate renewables

A DC power source like solar energy brings a host of complications when integrating with an AC external supply. OTELLO helps you optimize, integrate and protect so that you get the most from your investment in green energy.

Easy to install

OTELLO is compact, lightweight and can be installed in a few hours.

Instantly online

OTELLO connects to wi-fi or via mobile networks & has back-up battery power.

Easy to use

OTELLO OspreyPRO® is an intuitive and easy-to-navigate data visualization platform.

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