OTELLO for Mining

OTELLO is a key advantage for mining operations, delivering the clarity and insight to make informed infrastructure and energy management decisions.

Bill validation & reconciliation

OTELLO is the ideal solution for checking the accuracy of billing and metering information.

Emissions reduction & compliance

OTELLO’s provides an accurate record of consumption and proactive tools to reduce your carbon footprint.

Critical diagnostic information

Troubleshoot and solve electrical problems the easy way. OTELLO is easy to install across the network.

Validate utility power supply

Keep accurate records of power quality and monitor supply in real time to manage utility relationships.

Accurate planning & provisioning

With new insight into the performance of your power network, OTELLO lets you project with confidence.

Operate electricity effectively

Balance power loads and optimize utility of your assets while extending their longevity.

Make electrical resilience a reality

Build an intelligent, ever-visible electrical network, constantly monitoring, optimizing and automating your power.

See the full operation in real time

OTELLO’s unique edge computing capabilities synchronizes every device on the network and makes critical data available as an when you need it. It’s an unprecedented level of insight that instantly upgrades your operational capabilities.

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