Renewable Energy


OTELLO’s accurate view of power quality and performance makes integrating renewables an informed process.

Upgrade the grid for integration

OTELLO delivers the grid upgrades required to upgrade the network for variable RE generation.

Mitigate negative impacts

Renewables makes balancing loads a challenge. OTELLO delivers the insight and oversight to simply integration.

Encourage investment

When the major technical hurdles are overcome, the case for investment in renewables becomes an easy sell.

Calculate capacity value

OTELLO lets you assess how well RE generation aligns with consumption patterns across the region.

Deliver reliable & consistent power

OTELLO helps you project future peak demand patterns and estimate generator contribution.

Enhance grid resilience & stability

OTELLO monitors the grid in real time, highlighting minor issues before they turn into major events.

Reap the rewards of greater flexibility.

Flexibility is the ability of an electrical network to respond to changes in supply and demand. The variable interactions between system loads, reserves and the transmission network require constant monitoring.
By bringing dark data into the light through always-on, real time analysis, OTELLO reduces complexity and clarifies the risks, returns and impacts that renewables will have on your grid.
Respond quickly to changes in load demand

Centralized monitoring & control

Unprecedented levels of visibility

Build customer satisfaction

Meet the needs of the end users through improved uptime and better power quality.

Develop distributed frameworks

Build optimization, protections and controls into your grid management protocol for long-term resilience.

Invest in VRE with confidence

OTELLO provides the foundational data you need to make decisions about greening your grid.

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