Consistency, reliability, insight.

OTELLO provides energy sensitive technology companies with an invaluable tool that provides detailed, real time information to make your organization perform at its best.

Turn power to your advantage

OTELLO turns the challenges of electricity in your business to a key advantage, giving you clear insights into performance, consumption and efficiency.

Find the solutions to your problems

Electrical problems can seem like the gremlin with no source. With OTELLO, you get a clear picture of power through time & in real time.

Meet regulations & compliance

OTELLO provides a detailed account of your power usage and offers a simple way to manage compliance and regulations.

Extend the longevity of your equipment

OTELLO’s sensitive electrical and environmental monitoring picks up problems with power that can potentially destroy equipment if left unchecked.

Reconcile billing and consumption

Power is dynamic, and often the bill at the end of the month is a poor reflection of what you used. OTELLO provides an exact account to check against.

Proactive maintenance

Rather than scheduling maintenance and checks, OTELLO highlights when your infrastructure needs attending to.

Energy analysis as a competitive advantage.

Without a clear picture of how power is performing, you’ll always be flying blind and making best assumptions rather than informed decisions.
OTELLO resolves your electrical issues by providing a detailed, ongoing record. Plan, invest and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you have power covered.

How predicting problems could save you millions.

When system protections fail, the impact of power surges, brownouts and a host of other electrical events present a real threat to your entire operation.
OTELLO is a cost effective solution that is constantly monitoring, automating and analyzing the electrical energy in your network. When problems arise, it alerts the relevant people. When a record is needed for insurance claims, OTELLO provides it. When a dispute arises with your provider, OTELLO delivers the evidence in high resolution.

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