The ultimate tool for utilities

OTELLO provides a full range of functionality that lets you see the grid clearly and make decisions with confidence.

Build network resilience

OTELLO contributes to long-term decarbonisation by balancing demand & optimizing RE inputs.

Prevent & pinpoint blackouts

OTELLO enhances network flexibility by varying generation output & facilitating demand-side management

Comprehensive power quality data

Streamline the integration of RE with a fleet of devices that solves compliance & regulation issues.

Accurate technical losses assessment

Bringing ageing infrastructure up to speed and digitizing the system is key to successful interconnectedness.

Break down organizational silos

Predict, prepare for and manage peak demand, ensuring power quality is maintained at all times.

Manage customer service contracts

OTELLO monitors the grid in real time, highlighting minor issues before they become major events.

Unprecedented grid visibility

Imagine having every node along the grid network online and comprehensively monitored in real time. Imagine each node synchronized with every other, with the data analyzed and recorded losslessly.
The OTELLO solution is unique in how it approaches the problem of visualizing electricity. OTELLO recognizes that to understand power performance, one has to be able to see all points on the grid at once.
This is what OTELLO achieves, lossless and in real time.
GPS Synchronicity to 100ns

Linux-based computer on each device

Electrical & Environmental metrics


Manage grid compliance

OTELLO helps deliver a distribution network that is safe, secure and economical in line with grid code.


Optimise tariff structures

Calculate tariffs that accurately reflect underlying costs, reducing churn and delivering greater overall returns.


Resolve metering issues

OTELLO’s detailed record of power performance dynamically supports your existing metering system.

Extend Asset Longevity

With incomplete information, developing an asset replacement strategy is a major challenge. OTELLO attributes a load and utilization profile to every asset it monitors, and can detect when faults point to asset life being exceeded. The result is a better overall function, less strain on the infrastructure and a more resilient, profitable grid.
Automatic fault detection

Event classification and location

Early notification and reponse

A single, simple-to-use interface across all devices.

OTELLO Viewer® supports all major protocols and seamlessly integrates all monitoring data from other devices onto a single, secure platform.

Integrate renewable energy the easy way

The rise of solar, wind and other green sources of energy have added complexity that is difficult to manage. OTELLO can actively and autonomously balance grid loads and manage third party inputs, highlighting when faults occur and mitigating the risks of variability.

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