Get the competitive edge

The player with the clearest view of the power grid holds all the cards. OTELLO is the simplest and most cost effective way to achieve total power grid visibility. With detailed insight into the threats, challenges and opportunities, OTELLO takes the guesswork out of major investment commitments and gives you the upper hand.

Know before they do

Get a clearer picture of what is happening on the network and turn that knowledge into advantage.

The info you need

From power quality to emerging trends and asset performance, OTELLO gives you the insight to make confident decisions.

A verifiable record

OTELLO’s state-of-the-art monitors and unique data capabilities provides a record of events that you can trust.

Prevent disaster

The worst power grid disasters begin with anomalies that go undetected for weeks. OTELLO lets you know well in advance.

Extend asset life

OTELLO allows for dynamic load balancing and best practice in asset utilization, maximizing the life of your infrastructure assets.

Avoid liability

Disputes are common and often not easy to resolve. OTELLO provides the evidence and expedites resolution.

Assessing ROI

What is the benefit of a system that gives you unprecedented visibility of your power grid? How about a system that gives you warning the moment anomalies occur, ultimately preventing major costly events?
How about a system that provides a detailed long-term record of power grid performance, or a system that gives accurate readings of end-user consumption?
OTELLO’s unique data management capabilities delivers these insights, ultimately providing a more stable, predictable and resilient power grid.




OTELLO is the ideal second set of eyes that provides both utilities and major consumers of electricity with a verifiable and accurate record of consumption.

OTELLO is commonly used as an investigative tool to settle disputes between consumers and providers. OTELLO is ideal for highlighting theft, and can pinpoint where losses are occurring at any point along the distribution network.

No more asset uncertainty

The big investments in a power grid have implications for decades. OTELLO not only provides the clarity you need to plan investments with confidence, it also extends the longevity of your hardware through optimizing power performance.

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