Predict & prevent major events

OTELLO provides real time visibility into events that threaten your power grid stability. Predicting network events before they occur & facilitating quicker response times when they do.

Know immediately

OTELLO sends notifications to the devices of key people and will escalate as anomalies worsen.

Pre-empt problems

By highlighting dysfunction anywhere on the power grid, OTELLO lets you pre-emptively repair before things break.

Real-time analysis

OTELLO gathers and analyzes data in stream, providing near real-time responsiveness to issues as they arise.

Network wide

From one to hundreds-of-thousands of devices, OTELLO’s unique framework delivers synchronicity at scale.

Accurate margins

Use trend data extrapolation to improve alarm parameters, improving asset life and overall power grid system strength and resilience.

Always on

OTELLO is on even when the power is down, which means you can operate, even during blackouts.

A first line of defence in the fight against wildfires

OTELLO provides unprecedented levels of real-time visibility. The system can automatically identify high risk sections of line. It is capable of triggering an autonomous shutdown of specific power lines when environmental factors push risk beyond preset thresholds

Know the moment something happens

Major network events rarely happen in isolation or without warning. OTELLO provides warning when anomalies occur, letting you prevent major disruptions.

OTELLO’s predictive capabilities help strengthen power grid system strength, stability and resilience, as well as the ability to locate and accurately determine the cause of faults.

A fully integrated smart power grid solution, OTELLO provides flexibility and adaptability to intelligently manage your network in real-time and from a central control center.

The flexibility and range of features to meet your needs

Powerful body of evidence

Use historical data to undertake an accurate estimation of your power grid system performance

Predict maximum threshold exceeded

Predict maximum threshold exceeded for the parameters you choose.

Benchmark breaker load response

Set local thresholds across the network

Predicting & preventing disaster

On December 09, 2017, Gauteng’s Boksburg Substation exploded when the DC battery supply serving the protection and control system failed. Here’s how OTELLO would have prevented that.

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