See all points across the power grid, simultaneously

The fleet is what makes OTELLO unique. Installed across the power grid, OTELLO’s powerful on-board computing and proprietary data management capabilities, give you grid-wide event and data synchronicity.

Share data across the organization

Break down the power grid data silos and experience the advantages of collaboration through sharing and cross-referencing across your departments.

Reduce operating costs

OTELLO consolidates, digitizes, analyses, automates, monitors and optimizes your power grid.

Increase system availability

OTELLO provides unprecedented levels of access to your electrical power grid data, from a single shared data store.

View network events in vivid detail

OTELLO lets you analyse network incidents from multiple perspectives and points on the power grid.

Observe & control remotely

Reduce the need for travel to remote locations. OTELLO lets you manage your assets from afar.

Strategize your maintenance

Rather than just following a schedule, OTELLO highlights when equipment needs attention and lets you prioritise maintenance.

The information you need, when you need it.

Billing Data

Get accurate electrical consumption data from each sub-station, mini sub-station or businesses

Power Quality Data

Get up-to-the-minute, high resolution data on the quality of the power on the network

Environmental Data

OTELLO measures a range of environmental parameters. Digital I/O and Analog I/O ports connects data from external environmental sensors

Incident Data

OTELLO’s XrossTrigger® ensures that all devices record lossless data the moment an event begins

Enterprise-wide, time-synchronized snapshots of network incidents

OTELLO provides precise, fully visualized, grid-wide reports whenever network events occur. OTELLO’s proprietary XrossTrigger® function, triggers high resolution recordings across the network, whenever a specified event is measured at one point. It’s like a swarm, moving in concert, with one mind.
The data-sets produced by the XrossTrigger® events are recorded at full sampling rate resolution. This detailed forensic account is an invaluable asset in tactical planning, mitigating risk and as evidence in litigation.
This rich data-set is also ideal for developing A.I. (Machine Learning) pattern recognition models, to deploy using OTELLO’s unique on-device, real-time, in-memory Sentinel® feature.
Information is power. OTELLO provides the insight that lets you make the right decision for the moment.

Metering, simplified.

  • Simplify the management of your metering fleet
  • Thousands of locations can be managed by a single team member
  • Share metering information across departments
  • Industry-leading, open standards based cybersecurity ensures your data is protected
  • Cross-check you existing billing data against OTELLO’s records


Increase network availability & reduce costs

Market leading returns

No device on the market today offers the level of visibility or functionality for the price.

Improve grid stability & resilience

OTELLO facilitates consistent improvement in power quality & grid system strength.

Find the source of faults

Take the guesswork out of troubleshooting. Locate faults before they become serious.

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Unprecedented levels of insight.
Data that aids decision-making.
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